Connecting You to Great Lawyers in New York State

Why We Do What We Do

Often people have asked me why I founded Hometown Lawyers, or they ask how I came up with the idea for it and I normally just respond to those inquiries with a simple “because I care.”

When someone is faced with a legal problem it has been my experience that they are stressed to the max. I’ve seen the toughest of men and women break down over the fear and worry that has overcome them due to their legal predicament. The thought of losing their children, being sent to prison or perhaps never being able to generate income due to someone else’s negligence can ruin their life’s outlook. I believe that this sort of devastation can leave anyone feeling like a victim and unworthy of a prosperous and worthy life.

However, these concerns can many times be diminished or completely extinguished if the person believes in his or her attorney.  The caliber of one’s legal counsel is paramount! Who you are working with really does matter and therefore the choosing of a lawyer is one of the most important decisions one can ever make.

But finding this incredible lawyer is usually a big challenge. If you ask most people who have worked with an attorney at one time or another you will find that most did not have a good experience. The reasons are usually that the lawyer’s fee was too high or that their lawyer did not return any of their phone calls or that the client’s case was transferred to another lawyer in or out of the firm. And if someone did have a positive experience with an attorney research indicates that they are less likely to share that sort of personal and private information.

So after years of hearing firsthand about these common dilemmas I took it upon myself to find those few reputable and local attorneys and do whatever I could to introduce them to you.

Since 2004 I’ve been connecting people with great lawyers. This is something that I and my team are very passionate about and I learned what matters most are;

  • Be there when it counts
  • Listen intently
  • Care

I didn’t know it at the time but essentially these traits came to be the building blocks of Hometown Lawyers.

Being there when it counts means to always be available whether it is days, nights or weekends. Legal emergencies usually occur during the most inopportune time. The lawyers that we feature on will contact you as quickly as possible because we have direct access to them personally.

Listening intently requires our undivided attention to your needs and therefore the knowledge of the right attorney to connect you based on the information that you are sharing with us.

Caring is demonstrated with every person that reaches out to us. It is a high degree of empathy that our team operates on in order to ensure that we find the best legal counselors to help you.

I genuinely care about people, all people, and I’m not ashamed to state this. It comes from my fundamental belief that all people matter, you matter.  I know that not everyone feels this way but I and my team do….and that’s all the reason we need, to do what we do.