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Welcome to Hometown Lawyers

Hello, and welcome to Hometown Lawyers.  I am JP Paraschos, Vice President of

I have practiced law for more than 15 years, in large firms in New York City and smaller firms in New York State, for corporate clients as well as individuals, and as in-house counsel.  My area of expertise is predominantly business and corporate transactions; however, like many lawyers, my friends and family will occasionally say “Hey, JP, you’re a lawyer, who would you recommend for my cousin (let’s say), who just got a DWI (or is getting a divorce, or was arrested…).

Those are all specialized areas of law in which I have no expertise, and even though I’ve practiced law for quite a while, frequently I had no qualified lawyer to recommend off the top of my head, so I’d do what they did – go to my lawyer friends and ask them whom they’d suggest for a DWI, divorce, bankruptcy, etc.

These experiences precipitated my involvement with Hometown Lawyers. If, as a lawyer, I don’t know who I’d use if I needed these types of help, what chance did anyone in the general public have to find a great, experienced lawyer?

When you need a lawyer, you need a great lawyer, and the stress of finding a great lawyer adds anxiety to what is already, by definition, a stressful time.  If you can’t get a reliable reference from a lawyer friend or a family member, your situation appears even more dire.

If you’re then forced to “go it alone,” like most people, you will go to the Internet or fall back on a “jingle” you’ve heard on TV or seen on a billboard.  Although you might wind up with a qualified, dedicated lawyer through either of these routes, the odds are against you for a couple of reasons.

First, many of the “jingle” lawyers are not the actual lawyers that will represent you when you call their catchy phone number.  They’ve built an advertising scheme around a catchy phrase or a memorable phone number, neither of which makes someone a qualified attorney.  Further, it’s usually someone else in their office (often, a junior associate) that will actually help you.

Second, most of the results you’ll get from an Internet search come from sites we call “aggregators” – meaning that they will advertise any – and every – lawyer who pays them, without having met with them or done any homework about the lawyer.  As a consequence, the search “result” you get is little more than a small phone book consisting of perhaps dozens of attorneys in your area who “checked a box” claiming to be an expert in your area of need … and, likely several other, unrelated, areas of law.

Do you want a lawyer that claims to be an “expert” in DWI, matrimonial law, criminal law, bankruptcy, workers’ compensation and several other categories, simply by checking boxes on a form, or one who actually dedicates a majority of his or her practice to the area in which you need counsel?

Many of the most qualified lawyers do not advertise through traditional channels; they do not have jingles or a listing on an impersonal litany of every single lawyer within X miles of your search.  Often, these lawyers are often too busy meeting with and representing clients to record commercials or commit to advertising.

These excellent attorneys would be virtually impossible for the general public to find.  We commit ourselves to finding these lawyers.  We meet with them, in-person, at their offices.  We interview them, we ask them the questions that a client should ask, check their credentials and their standing in the legal community.  We’ve done the homework for you.

We feature only a small number of hand-picked lawyers that have passed our vetting process, and whom we would recommend to our friends and family.