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“Say my title, state my name” — this may be advice that is good 31% of males whom claim they will have had sex with individuals whoever title they don’t understand.

“Say my title, state my name” — this may be advice that is good 31% of males whom claim they will have had sex with individuals whoever title they don’t understand.

Only 10% of females claim similar. Meanwhile, both men (64%) and women (52%) admit to one-night stands and 17% have experienced sex that is casual people they’ve met from the ’net.

More dudes (18%) than gals (8%) state they hit the online dating services to take into consideration a good time.

MORRISSEY: “With a lot more people going online to locate love, this statistic demonstrates that it is advisable that you be clear exactly what your intentions take internet dating sites — simply casual intercourse or a real relationship. Don’t forget to place it on the market.”

If towns and cities could talk, they’d have great deal to state about their intercourse everyday lives.

MELBOURNE: They pride by by themselves on patience, which will be our diplomatic method of saying that they’d probably the most virgins on the chronilogical age of 31 (very nearly 4%).

CANBERRA: It’s the town most abundant in individuals to have experienced sex with a colleague (57%). (Ahem, Parliament House?)

SYDNEY: whilst the town with all the sex drive that is highest (11%), it makes sense that they’re also probably the most focused on catching an STI (10%).

Sydneysiders will also be concerned about catching STIs.

BRISBANE: They’re more critical of other people, rating their many present intercourse partner as bad to “meh” (13%). Possibly which may explain why they’ve “regularly” been unfaithful (15%).

PERTH: They’re just a little more modest, admitting which they make “very bad” enthusiasts (1%, significantly more than any kind of town).

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One in 6 guys claim to possess had more than 31 sexual partners — almost the percentage that is same of have experienced simply 1.

There have been some big discrepancies in

the sheer number of bedmates amongst the genders. While a lot more than 15% of blokes claim to possess bedded 31-plus individuals,

only 4% of females ticked the box that is same. Many participants owned as much as 5-10.

MORRISSEY: “Sex is not about figures and conquests however it appears both sexes

nevertheless think maintaining intimate lovers in single digits is essential.”

25 times more males than ladies have actually taken care of intercourse.

OK, that is not surprising — 25 % of men admit to forking down cash for many action and 1% of females.

A similar quantity of males and ladies (3%) would think about investing in it. And do you know what, seven times more guys than gals could have intercourse for the money also without once you understand the total amount. Equal variety of both women and men (only a little over 10%) stated they might give consideration to intercourse for cash associated with

buck figure was high enough.

We’re perhaps perhaps not buying as much as having sexually sent infections.

With not as much as 10% admitting to ever having an STI, Morrissey is suggesting that perhaps our participants aren’t telling the entire truth.

MORRISSEY: “This can be a number that is unrealistically small informs me they either don’t know or are fibbing. Nearly all men and women state never ever. I’d say that isn’t an exact representation.”

Intercourse could be equally as good whenever you’re older.

And we’re not too concerned about getting one.

Significantly more than 65percent of participants are “never bothered” about STIs or care that is just don’t.

MORRISSEY: “This is with in line because of the figures showing that lots of respondents have been in committed and faithful relationships, so there’s ‘no need certainly to worry’.”

But we practise safe intercourse with a brand new partner, favouring the condom.

Over fifty percent also have safe intercourse with just 7% admitting to prevent. A substantial one out of five acknowledge to playing a little bit of Russian roulette using their intimate wellness, stating which they practise safe intercourse with partners “sometimes”.

In terms of contraception, the condom may be the method that is stand-out of (46%) or even the tablet (18%). A lot more than 20percent state they normally use absolutely absolutely nothing.

We’re perhaps perhaps not setting up with work peers or making love in any office — well, a lot of us.

Nearly 60% of participants have never ever shagged somebody it works with but when they had, it is almost certainly become males (42%). Two times as numerous dudes may also be more likely to possess intercourse with a colleague when you look at the working office(26%) when compared with ladies (13%).

MORRISSEY: “I’m a small astonished the wide range of work peers setting up is not greater. But we nevertheless state, in the primary, the concept guideline just isn’t to combine company and pleasure. Are you aware that low amount of people having sex at work (21%), it fits utilizing the ‘lack of adventure’ stats.”

Women can be viewing porn.

okay, maybe not when you look at the figures that guys are, but very nearly 50% acknowledge to having watched it after all — 27% are viewing it periodically and 8% are seated for regular sessions. Very nearly 45% of women say they’ve never watched porn. No surprises with all the male reactions with over 70% viewing porn sometimes or frequently — and just 10% say they’ve never watched it.

More women are admitting to viewing porn.

DARNELL: “Porn is here now to keep therefore there’s no point dismissing the whole thing as bad and incorrect. Both sexes are watching it, therefore we need certainly to recognise that when it is consensual rather than disrespectful, it is maybe not a bad thing. Porn is not all the— that is same you view porn is a lot like saying you take in food. You will find genres and diets that are different. A far more conversation that is public porn should be had.”

60% believe prostitution must certanly be legalised…

…and just 14% state it shouldn’t be.

MORRISSEY: “Even though far less women can be purchasing sex by themselves, they recognise the health requirements and legitimacy for the intercourse work industry and think it must be legalised. This indicates quite a shift that is attitudinal many years.”

DARNELL: “I happened to be amazed and motivated by the support for the sex worker industry on the list of participants.”


Equal figures (about 28%) agree and disagree that pleased relationships/marriages can occur without intercourse. Then another 26% simply care one way don’t or any other.

Two times as lots of men than ladies seem to strongly disagree that pleased, sexless relationships are feasible.

DARNELL: “It’s maybe maybe perhaps not as much as me personally to express if marriages and relationships may be pleased without intercourse, it’s as much as the individuals when you look at the relationship working this down, should they can.”

Janice Hiller, A british psychologist specialising in intimate relationships, claims, “If wife and husband log on to well in different ways and there’s no distress throughout the not enough closeness, then that is fine. If one celebration wishes intercourse and also the other does not, it may be terribly harmful. Typically, the rejected partner shall feel unloved, unattractive or ignored.”