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payforaresearchpaper com – The protesters, however, believe that this law is “a shell” and does not recognize their demands on the supplement.

This was part of an international parliamentary action in this case. A clue acute reaction of Russia is Friday speech Randall Garrison, the policy of the opposition New Democratic Party. He recalled that the Russian president’s close associates had or have large investments in Canada. Among them is Oleg Dieripaska, the former majority shareholder of the auto parts manufacturer Magna International, who recently tried to buy a majority stake in aluminum smelter in Quebec, whether Roman Abramovich, whose company Evraz invests in the steel industry in Canada. “You can also mention Uranium One, one of the largest uranium mining companies in Canada, which is one of the companies associated with (Russian President Vladimir – PAP) Putin,” – said Garrison. Second reading in the House of Commons took place a week after the publication of the material Canadian public television CBC on Canadian banks to find traces of some of the money transfers from the same 230 million dollars, which tracked down Magnitsky. Journalistic investigation started from documents provided by British businessman Bill Browder, the former head of fund Hermitage Capital.

The fund was an investment Browder and he was, as he himself defined Browder, stolen in 2007. By a Russian gang headed by Dmitry Kluyev. Criminal organization took over in a similar way to other companies and to their use extorted nearly 230 million dollars of tax refunds. Browder, who employed Magnitsky, has long talked with Canadian politicians on possible legal solutions. The demands of teachers are considered and analyzed (…) We all know that spending on education by increasing the PiS government – said P. Mucha.

He also emphasized the willingness on the part of the Ministry to conduct talks. The deputy head of the Office of the President also drew attention to the strike announced by the PNA in schools and other educational institutions. “Here comes the question about the context of this protest action, one that can directly touch the sphere of examinations carried out,” – he stressed. In this context, he reminded that since 1993, when the situation in the education for the various governments was sometimes difficult, it has never been so extreme forms of protest that could threaten completion of exams. “We know that these exams, it is a matter of opening the way to continue the science, it is a question of graduation” – said Mucha. He expressed the hope that the teachers are aware of the expectations of parents. On Monday, the president of the Association of Polish Teachers Slawomir Broniarz reported that the Bureau of the Board of the PNA decided to launch a strike on April 8 in schools and other educational institutions, in which – as a result of the referendum – will be achieved consensus on his conduct. Union demands to increase salaries of teachers and education workers who are not teachers by 1000 zł.

The strike is due to start on April 8 and is to be of unlimited duration – a decision about the date of his termination is to take the presidium of the Board of the PNA. This means that the period may coincide with the planned external examinations for April 10, April 11 and 12 to be held exam high school; and 15, 16 and 17 April – ósmoklasisty exam. May 6 to start the exam. (PAP) I repeat once more what is the opinion of the whole management of the PSL – about this several times already discussed – that does not enter into a coalition with any formation antysamorządową, and for the formation antysamorządową recognize today the PiS – stressed Kosiniak- Kamysz in radio Jedynka, when asked about the possibility of entering into any PiS coalition in the upcoming elections samorządowych.zobacz also Kosiniak- Kamysz: in the municipalities in which wins the PSL – dental services in schools »According to him, the ruling party” cuts competence, destroys self-government in Poland and centralizes the state. ” “There is a formation that looks for any agreement” – said the head of PSL.zobacz also Kosiniak- Kamysz: If we lose the local elections, parliamentary or lose it “stressed that his party repeatedly demonstrated their willingness to cooperate with the PiS, which” has been rejected. ” “So there is no question of any cooperation or now before the elections or after the elections there will be no such a coalition,” – declared the leader of the Peasant Party. The municipal elections will be held on October 21; the second round of direct elections mayors, city presidents – 4 November. Applications of censure submitted in Parliament in late April PO deputies. According to them, Deputy Prime Minister and head of MRPiPS bear “political responsibility” for the protest carers of people with disabilities in the Sejm.

According to the PO politicians, protesters presented legitimate demands and are entitled to expect support, seeing that “the river of money flowed into the PiS activists and their families.” “The government proposes cash ministers, deputy ministers and their activists on the ground, and people with disabilities – a tribute in kind in the form of diaper pants or catheters” – said in April, deputy Mariusz Witczak. In the opinion of PO politicians debate on motions of censure would be “the only form of serious discussion in parliament” on the problems of people with disabilities. See also: Awl: There will be no government that dares to go back program of 500 plus »spokeswoman for Law and Justice Beata Mazurek, commenting on the announcement of the submission of applications by the Platform, said:” Elizabeth Rafalska is a very good minister, and the Law and Justice deputy Deputy Prime Minister. There is no question about their appeal. ” In her opinion, the head of PO Grzegorz Schetyna is not about the fate of people with disabilities, but for the political fuss. On Sunday, the parents and carers of disabled people left the Diet, announcing that suspend the protest. It lasted from 18 April. It was accompanied by two proposals – a social pension equal to the minimum pension for incapacity to work and to introduce an “life”, also called “rehabilitation” for people with disabilities who are unable to live independently after completing 18 years in the amount of PLN 500 per month.

The protesters decided that one of them realized the demand – improving the social pension. According to the law already published, it will increase from 865.03 to 1029.80 zł zł. Also published a law introducing special rights in access to health care, services, pharmaceuticals and medical devices for people with severe disability. According to the authors (PiS MPs) meets the second postulate of protesters and bring households with a disabled person per month about 520 zł savings. The protesters, however, believe that this law is “a shell” and does not recognize their demands on the supplement. Premier Mateusz Morawiecki asked in an interview for Wednesday’s “SE”, evaluates the state of the opposition in Poland emphasized that he would like very much, that the opposition was thinking of interesting and valuable solutions for Polish. “Our program is Poland, a program of the opposition’s anti-PiS.

Poorly it looks. Less fuss, more cooperation”, – stated the Prime Minister. Morawiecki also confirmed that he wants more farmers to sell their goods directly – what he called – “miastowym” .See also Ardanowski: Farmers have already received the first payment of the compensation due to drought »” First we introduced the ability to trade without the consent of the municipality. Our predecessors have introduced bans and fines. We can now increase from 20 000 to 40 000 zł amount for which the farmer can sell their food directly – bazaars, bazarkach or marketplaces.

Let ‘miastowym “taste of true, traditional sausages, traditional cottage cheese ! it’s worth all: farmers, consumers and the Polish economy. and if any of this can benefit, why prohibit, punish fines, as did our predecessors, especially with the PSL? ” – said the Prime Minister. He added that it is also about to farmers themselves, not brokers, earned more on their hard work. The city is the epicenter of a week of mobilization of the German extreme right against immigrants. We came here on August 26 for the murder of 35-year-old German citizen who was killed in a brawl with a knife blows. As suspected of the deed arrested 23-year-old Syrian, and 22-year-old Iraqi. The latter was to be in May 2016 years expelled to Bulgaria, but sanctioning the decision of the administrative court in Chemnitz was not performed, and after six months expired. Murder victim is a Cuban son, a carpenter.

See also: Germany: An explosion and fire at the refinery, eight people injured »Saturday demonstrations were held under the protection of large numbers of troops and police not occurred to them during any incident. However, when both marches dispersed, the most determined individuals tried to break through in the direction of the opponents. Police said that during her intervention to prevent clashes both sides, nine demonstrators were injured. The complaint was lodged MDR local public television since it was attacked by demonstrators. A member of the crew was injured, and the material was destroyed. In turn, on the outskirts of Chemnitz 20-year-old Afghan was beaten on Saturday night by four masked men; according to police he was also slightly ranny.zobacz: Germany: anti-immigrant of Chemnitz lead to changes in policy? »According to the authorities organized a march on Saturday represented in the Bundestag by the anti-immigration party Alternative for Germany (AFD) and the anti-Islamic movement Pegida was attended by approximately 4.5 thousand. people. Approx.

3.5 thousand. people attended at the same time the municipal parking lot in a rally for peace and combat hostility towards foreigners. Monday will be a rock concert Chemnitz against xenophobia under the motto “We are more numerous.” The representative of the ICRC in the Middle East, Robert Mardini announced in New York at a press conference that most of the wounded seriously injured and getting to hospital in a serious condition. He added that approx. 1,400 people were on the body three or four bullet wounds. “It is a crisis of unprecedented scale in the Gaza Strip” – Mardini said. He added that rescuers and medical personnel in the Palestinian enclave now have more responsibilities than during Israel’s war with Hamas in 2014. He stressed that the ICRC plans to open a 50-bed unit in one of the hospitals in the Gazie.zobacz: Hamas announces ceasefire with Israel “According to previously published balance of 132 Palestinians killed since the beginning of demonstrations in the Gaza Strip. March 30 along the border between the Gaza Strip and Israel held mass demonstrations in defense of the rights of Palestinian refugees to return to the land occupied until 1948, when Israel was founded.

Protests also took place against the blockade imposed by Israel and the Palestinian enclave against the transfer of the US embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Israel, due to the nature of its response to the demonstrations, stood in the face of international criticism. Human rights organizations denounce the orders to fire on demonstrators with live ammunition as unlawful, since they allow soldiers to use potentially deadly weapons against unarmed people. Israel maintains that its weapons of the border and residents of nearby areas. For the plan, which revealed the existence of the newspaper “The Times”, corresponds to a group of about 20 officers who normally oversee military cooperation with the police after the terrorist attacks. In the face of growing risks to the absence of agreement, the United Kingdom and the European Union due to the ongoing political crisis in London, the army received the task of preparing proposals for the protection of public order and sensitive supply chain, for example.

Leków.zobacz also funds Her Majesty may stumble on brexit »Prime Minister of Ireland: Brexit undermine the Good Friday peace agreement» Soldiers could also be exploited when offloading traffic jams and queues in Kent linked to the likely significant blocking or bandwidth restriction crossing the English channel from English to French Calais to Dover. According to government plans, up to 10 thousand. soldiers are permanently on standby to support police in all sorts of emergencies, of which 1.2 thousand. maintains full operational capability by dobę.zobacz also Brexit a box of chocolates: It is easier to solve than confrontation marriage by agreement »Last week, British Prime Minister Theresa May received collective support of his government to draft a contract out of the EU, but the next day the two ministers – in this is responsible for the conduct of negotiations with the Community, Dominic Raab – resigned from their positions in protest against the content of the document. At the same time a group of eurosceptic Conservative MPs announced the submission of a motion of censure for May as head of the group. As of Monday morning, they were able to gather the signatures of 40 deputies, and the procedures need to run 48 names. Protracted negotiations between the two parties on the conditions for exit from the Community make it more and more actors preparing for a scenario in which no agreement is reached between London and Brussels, which could have serious consequences for the supply chain and, consequently, even the stability of the British and European economy.

Britain should leave the European Union March 29, 2019 year. The information was given by the media spokeswoman of the European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker Natasha Bertaud, who stressed that “the Brexicie ETIAS will include the UK, treating it as a third country (ie. Not a member of the EU – PAP).” The British will be treated as citizens of a third country after Brexicie 29 March 2019 r., Or in the case of confirmation by both parties of the proposed 18-month transition period after its completion – January 1, 2021 r.Obejmujący all citizens of countries outside the Community ETIAS to enter into force at the latest in 2021. and will be modeled on the US ESTA, where it is necessary to report any trip to the United Zjednoczonych.Aby gain entry to the system, you will need to submit an electronic application at least 72 hours prior to arrival to the European Union. You will have to give it your personal information and first visited the country, as well as answer questions about the safety and karalności.Według EU estimates, ETIAS will cover approx. 39 million travelers annually, and fill in the form should take no more than 10 minut.W If you receive positive decision traveler will be able to benefit from such an alert when multiple travel within the Schengen area for three years. Foreign Ministry assured that the Polish consul in Milan provide consular assistance to the victim and the other is in contact with his family.

In connection with the events in Turin phone operates on duty in the Polish Consulate-General in Milan, +39 335 568 1400 5786th The number of people who have suffered damage as a result of the panic which broke out on Saturday in the fan zone, organized on the occasion of the Champions League final on the square in Turin, Italy.