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Personal Injury Lawyers are attorneys that represent individuals that are injured or deceased through automobile accidents; injured or deceased by medical malpractice; injured or deceased while on the job or by faulty equipment and even those who are injured or deceased due to a property owner’s negligence in maintaining that property. It is because of these tragedies that victims can be awarded a large sum of money due to someone else’s negligence or fault.

Personal Injury lawyers are some of the most aggressive advertisers in the entire legal world. You may have seen a few P.I. lawyers advertising on televisions or perhaps heard them on the radio. You will find that many attorneys “guarantee” a no fee policy…in other words they won’t collect a dime until the case has settled and the victim (their client) has been awarded money. Don’t be fooled, this is how it always works. If a personal injury lawyer takes your case it’s because they are mostly certain that you will be awarded for your pain and suffering. Remember when it comes to lawyers…The best at advertising don’t always make the best lawyers

There is BIG money to be made in Personal injury and some attorneys do whatever they can to settle as quickly as possible so that they can get their fee as quickly as possible; sometimes this is a bad strategy for the victim. By settling too quickly you may be “leaving money on the table”. Having an experienced a thorough Personal Injury lawyer is one way to assure that you will be fairly compensated for your pain, suffering and financial expenses that this injury has incurred.

Obviously, personal injury can involve a catastrophic event and finding a lawyer that will be a further extension of you and your family is paramount. The personal injury attorneys that are found on are not only highly skilled and knowledgeable but also caring of the victims that they represent.

Workers’ Compensation (Workers Comp)

Workers’ comp is a type of insurance that offers medical compensation for employees that have been injured while on the job; the trade off is that the employee relinquishes the right to sue the employer due to any form of negligence. Although workers’ compensation benefits aide employees while injured on the job, they are usually not sufficient to fully compensate injured workers for all damages sustained as a result of their work-related accident. In New York State, employees cannot sue their employers for damages sustained as a result of a work-related accident. In order to receive reasonable compensation for their injuries, workers must commence lawsuits against parties other than their employer. In addition to workers’ compensation benefits, additional damages that can be recovered in these lawsuits include pain and suffering, additional wage loss benefits, additional medical benefits and loss of services for the spouse.

If you or a loved one has been injured on the job or perhaps has fallen ill due to an occupational disease contact one of our Hometown Lawyers immediately. A qualified Workers’ Compensation attorney is crucial to help you receive all the benefits that you are entitled to.