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Many people believe that if someone is convicted of a crime then the prosecution presented sufficient evidence to a jury or judge that deemed the defendant guilty of the charges brought forth. …like any system it has its flaws and this always is not the case.

You would be foolish to think that everyone who is in jail is actually guilty of a crime. There have been hundreds of cases where some new piece of evidence had been introduced resulting with an inmate being set free after serving many years in jail. In most of these cases it wasn’t some new technology that had been the rescuer but simply a sharp lawyer taking his or her time in reviewing and then litigating the case which made the difference. Who you have standing by your side in a criminal case MATTERS! Do not settle for anything but a highly skilled lawyer who is experienced in criminal defense and has taken to trial a good number of criminal matters.

A good criminal defense lawyer is a rare breed in the attorney community. It is someone who continues to educate and advance his/her knowledge of criminal law; the science it involves; and has taken an oath to uphold the constitution but yet defend his or her client’s interests at all costs.

A highly skilled criminal defense lawyer will:

  • be fully aware of the nature of the charges and possible inaccuracies or “loopholes” in the prosecution’s collection of evidence and testimony.
  • have specific court familiarity and understanding of the certain court nuances that may exist only in that court.
  • spend time on a case reviewing and understanding case law that could aid the circumstances.
  • negotiate a plea bargain or “deal” with the prosecution for lesser charges and sentencing.
  • customize sentences for defendants needs’ as opposed to just jail time or the standard punishment.
  • hire and manage investigators to review the crime scene or gather testimony from other witnesses and if possible give a contradictory eye of that of the prosecution’s.
  • aid the defendant in coping with the embarrassment and humiliation of being charged with a crime.

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