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For your convenience we have listed the courts in CORTLAND CO. that you appear in

Cincinnatus Town Court
South Main Street
Cincinnatus, NY 13040
Cortlandville Town Court
3577 Terrace Road
Cortland, NY 13045
Cuyler Town Court
4895 Tripoli Road
Cuyler, NY 13158
Freetown Town Court
2369 McGraw-Marathon Road
Marathon, NY 13803
Harford Town Court
PO Box 10
Harford, NY 13784
Homer Town Court
4 Water Street
Homer, NY 13077
Lapeer Town Court
2685 Clarks Corners Road
Marathon, NY 13803
Marathon Town Court
40 West Main Street
P.O. Box 366
Marathon, NY 13803
Preble Town Court
PO Box 206
Preble, NY 13141
Scott Town Court
6689 State Route 41
Town Hall
Homer, NY 13077
Solon Town Court
4012 North Tower Road
East Freetown, NY 13040
Taylor Town Court
5785 Cheningo Solon Pond Rd
Town Barn
Cincinnatus, NY 13040
Truxton Town Court
P.O. Box 121
Second Floor
Truxton, NY 13158
Virgil Town Court
1176 Church St
Cortland, NY 13045
Willet Town Court
Route 41
P.O. Box 33
Town Hall
Willet, NY 13863
Cortland City Court
(Cortland County)
25 Court Street
Cortland, NY 13045
Telephone: (607) 753-1811
Fax: (607) 753-9932
E-mail: Kpreston@courts.state.