Connecting You to Great Lawyers in New York State

Make a Change, Make a Difference

Restlessness in one’s career arises when the need to contribute something of meaning to society strikes you.

When I first met Joe Sanchez, the Founder of Hometown Lawyers, I was knee deep in the corporate world as a digital content admin of sorts for a large Central New York Employer, and basically doing small graphic design jobs on the side just to get my creative fix. At the time, Hometown Lawyers was about three years in the making, and I remember our first conversation on LinkedIn. I viagra suisse sans ordonnance was fascinated that this person had the guts, and the drive, to just up and leave his full time job to start something that he believed in. It was a thought that had entered my mind millions of times in the past few years, but out of fear of the unknown I’d instantly squash the idea, and return to the daily grind of financial security. Eager to build my portfolio, I offered to design a new logo for his company, not knowing at the time that this would be the start of my Partnership with Hometown Lawyers.

In case you’ve just stumbled across this blog, Hometown Lawyers is a company that takes the anxiety and distress out of the legal process by connecting people facing legal dilemmas with highly skilled attorneys that are the BEST at what they do, and that will truly BE THERE for their clients. As I grew to learn more about Hometown Lawyers, understanding their values and morals as a company, and what they strive to accomplish.. I began to realize how important the idea of doing something of meaning and making a difference is to me in my career. It also started to seem more and more possible to accomplish as I surrounded myself with equally passionate people. As a designer, my passion is to make a difference in people’s lives by studying who they are as an individual or a company, and developing a brand that will visually define them and set them apart from their competition. Hometown Lawyers’ passion is finding amazing lawyers in different regions who all possess the same high standards and moralistic character traits (Knowledge of the Law, Excellent Communications, Confidence, Expert Judgment, and a Strong Work Ethic).. all Characteristics that are necessary in making the legal process comforting for any individual. Combining these two passions has been the start of an inspiring journey.

Creating a brand for a company like Hometown Lawyers is any Designer’s dream job. It’s easy, and fun, to create a brand for a company that is unique and unlike anyone else out there. Working with a team of like-minded individuals who share the same desire to solve a problem and to make the world a better place (as cliché as it sounds) has given me the ability to feel like I am contributing something of meaning.. and slowly escaping the restlessness just as Joe, and the rest of my team, were able to years ago. I am excited to continue my journey with Hometown Lawyers as Director of Brand Marketing as we continue to grow closer to our goal of revolutionizing the legal world, and truly making a difference in peoples’ lives.