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Help Guide to Bond Loans and Rental Grants

Help Guide to Bond Loans and Rental Grants

Once you’ve used

You can check the status of your online application using your online application reference number (which starts with BLW) and your date of birth if you’ve submitted an online application for a Bond Loan or Rental Grant.

After Bond Loan items are approved

Bond Loan

In the event the Bond Loan is authorized, we shall give you:

  • an approval page
  • a duplicate of one’s relationship Loan agreement
  • a copy of one’s relationship lodgement kind.

Often the bond is sent by us lodgement type (Form 2C) straight to your landlord/agent to signal and lodge the shape utilizing the RTA at the earliest opportunity.

Having to pay the bond

Once you transfer to your home, your landlord/agent must lodge a relationship lodgement type (Form 2C for basic tenancies) utilizing the Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA) to ensure your tenancy has begun.

Following the RTA processes the proper execution, we transfer funds for the relationship loan towards the RTA throughout the term of the tenancy

Pre-approved Bond Loan

Should your pre-approved Bond Loan is authorized, we’re going to give you:

  • an approval letter
  • a house details kind.

You can show the approval letter to your potential landlord/agent to prove you have the funds for your bond if you find a property with a weekly rent no higher than the maximum weekly rent amount on your pre-approval letter.

Once you’ve been authorized to hire a house, pose a question to your landlord/agent to accomplish the home details form attached to your approval page and get back the proper execution to us.

We assess your application and contact you utilizing the result.

We send you the loan documents to sign and return to us if we determine that you’re eligible for a Bond Loan. We approve your Bond Loan after we receive this.

We give you an approval bond and letter lodgement kind, which your landlord/agent has to lodge because of the RTA.

Bond Loan Plus

If for example the Bond Loan Plus application is authorized, your landlord/agent must lodge a relationship lodgement form aided by the cash land loans review (upd. 2020) | RTA.

Whenever this form is received by the RTA, we:

  • send the bond that is rental towards the RTA
  • pay the 2 days lease to your landlord/agent’s bank-account.

After a leasing grant is authorized

In case your leasing give is approved, we give you:

  • an approval page
  • a verification of tenancy type, that you need certainly to share with your landlord/agent.

Us, we pay the rental grant directly to your landlord/agent by EFT/bank transfer after they return the confirmation of tenancy form to.

Often we make the payment by cheque. In cases like this, we find out the cheque to your landlord/agent and deliver it straight for them.