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Let me start off by stating that I do not like to write about myself…I feel that the past or anything I have done or will do doesn’t matter. I heard an interesting quote some time ago, “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift, that is why it is called the present.” In other words, it is what we do now that matters most. This focus on the present moment is what has guided me through the creation of Hometown Lawyers. It is looking at someone not based on what they have done in their past, but instead, how to help them regardless of the legal issue; divorce, bankruptcy….whatever. We come from a perspective of no judgments and are simply here to help you…right now.

Since 2004 and while working at a law firm as a non-attorney I found myself in the unique position of talking to people that were in trouble and in need of legal help; and for the past ten years I estimate that I have spoken to close to 20,000 individuals regarding their simple and or complex legal issues. The client’s perspective is ingrained in my head and understanding the frailty but yet resilience of their being is ultimately what gave birth to I didn’t create this fantastic service; I was simply privy to what the public demanded and more importantly deserved.

The decision on which lawyer to pick is one of the biggest decisions someone can ever face. Think about it, you’re not just buying a car or some general service; you are dealing with life altering legal situations that can have dire consequences if mishandled or not best managed. It is for this reason that we personally meet with the attorneys we feature and more importantly do not feature. There is a common misconception that all attorneys are the same; that they are trained the same way and that there is very little difference between them all. So that’s why advertisements in the phone book, internet listings, television and radio have been effective, until now.

We put ourselves in your shoes; we remember that you may be feeling overwhelmed, anxious, defeated or simply just out of your league.  You may not want to admit this but in your state of despair you may not be the best source to determine if the attorney you are meeting will be the best answer to your problem. This is why we feature only highly skilled attorneys and we do this to empower you.

To ensure that the attorneys on are highly skilled we developed and implemented our 360° Attorney Qualification System. By using this whole approach to review attorneys it gives us a clear and comprehensive gauge of an attorney’s standing by using 3 different viewpoints; a Hometown Lawyers face to face interview, a peer review, and a review by contacting the attorney’s former clients. This is one of the most thorough methods of evaluating attorneys that exists today and one that is completely unique.

No one else that we know of is doing this….no one is personally meeting with attorneys and then calling their past clients. You may ask at this point, “well why don’t they”? perhaps it’s because other companies that claim to list good attorneys cannot make a good business model by personally meeting and vetting attorneys. Well we can, and we do.