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Who we are is a website that is dedicated to connecting the general public with highly skilled lawyers in specific areas of law: Matrimonial Law, DWI Law, Personal Injury, Bankruptcy and Criminal Law.

Our Philosophy:  Leave the hard part to us.

We know that most of the general public has little or no exposure to attorneys until they need one.  When you need an attorney, chances are it is a stressful, and maybe embarrassing, situation.  Often, friends or family don’t know a “good” lawyer to recommend, or the person doesn’t want their friends or family to know that they’re in trouble.

Finding the right lawyer in a time of need adds anxiety to an already difficult time.  Our goal is to help the general public find highly-skilled lawyers in their geographic area.  We’ve extensively interviewed and investigated each of our lawyers.  We take a real and common-sense look at attorneys and their area of expertise.  We know the questions to ask, and what to look for in a great lawyer.

We’ve done the homework for you.

How to find a Lawyer


Our process is easy!  Simply let us know what type of law you need assistance with (click above) and then tell us where you need the lawyer.

Then choose one of the two attorneys presented.  It’s that easy.  

Our service is free to the public, and you’re not committed to hiring any lawyer you contact through us.

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Our Story

While creating one of the most successful legal brands in the United States, Joe Sanchez helped thousands of people in need find skilled legal representation.  Joe realized that typical attorney marketing does not necessarily inform the public or connect them with the best lawyers.

Very often, lawyers with large marketing budgets will saturate the regional media (TV, radio, billboards, etc.) to become “top of mind” with the general public.  These lawyers are not necessarily the best at what they do, and even if they’re capable, when you call their number, you usually do not get that lawyer, but one of his or her subordinates.

If someone does not contact the local “heavy hitter” franchisee or “bulldog”, they often turn to the Internet to find help.  Most of the sites that claim to help the public find a lawyer are aggregators – they will advertise any lawyer who pays them, and provide little more than a list of every attorney in that area that claims expertise in a field.  A phone book could provide about the same amount of “assistance”.

This current system disadvantages both the general public, who doesn’t know how to find a great lawyer, and great lawyers who do not have the time, budget or desire to market themselves.

Joe realized that the best lawyers are practicing law, meeting with clients, working on clients’ issues and going to court, not spending time filming ads or auditioning jingles. These attorneys understand that they need to spend their marketing budget wisely, and that aggregators are impersonal and ineffective.

Joe linked up with JP Paraschos, who has practiced law for more than 15 years in New York City and central New York, and together they created a method to evaluate attorneys’ expertise and a platform to address the shortcomings in the legal marketing system.

The result is, whose mission is to connect people with great lawyers.

We personally interview each prospective Hometown Lawyer™, in their offices, and evaluate their abilities, their dedication to client service and their standing in the legal community. We want to ensure that people who visit us when they need help can be confident that they have come to the right place to find a great lawyer.

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Our Attorneys

If you are a bright, dedicated and experienced lawyer, interested in seeing if you have what it takes to be a Hometown Lawyer™ , please visit our Lawyers’ Information Page.

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